Phyllo Pistachio wrapped Banana with Pistachio encrusted Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Phyllo Pistachio wrapped Banana with Pistachio encrusted Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Posted on 28. Aug, 2007 by in Dessert, Recipes

I am supposed to be watching my food intake as I continue to prep for my test. Let’s not call it a diet, as that traps me a bit. ;-) So…this is cheating a bit but to adhere to my mindful food intake, I just had one serving. :)

Serves: 2


For the phyllo wrapped banana:
3 sheets of phyllo dough
1/4 cup of finely chopped pistachio nuts
2 ripe bananas
6 TBs. of melted butter

For the pistachio vanilla ice cream:

8 oz. of vanilla bean ice cream
2 TBs. of honey
2 4 oz. ramekins
1/4 cup of chopped pistachio nuts

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For the phyllo wrapped banana:
1. Preheat the oven 375 degrees F.
2. Melt the butter in a small pan. I don’t like microwaving to melt butter because of structural change of the butter.
3. Lay one sheet of thawed phyllo dough and brush generously with the melted butter. Sprinkle the the sheet with the pistachio nuts.
4. Repeat with the other two phyllo sheets.
5. Cut the phyllo sheets in half on the vertical.
6. Place a banana on each half and roll them up.
7. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with pistachio nuts.
8. Bake until golden. Approximately 15-20 mins.

For the pistachio encrusted vanilla ice cream:

1. Set the ice cream at room temperature til softened but still firm.
2. Brush some honey into each ramekin.
3. Sprinkle the pistachio nuts into the ramekin and roll them around in the ramekins to get good coverage.
4. Spoon the vanilla ice cream into each ramekin, cover with saran wrap and place into freezer until hardened.

Serve with a simple chocolate sauce and fresh berries.

Phyllo pistachio wrapped banana with pistachio encrusted vanilla bean ice cream

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9 Responses to “Phyllo Pistachio wrapped Banana with Pistachio encrusted Vanilla Bean Ice Cream”

  1. chef ledarney

    29. Aug, 2007

    Where do you find the time mate? Love the flavors here.

  2. Paola

    29. Aug, 2007

    Absoultely stunning! My mouth is watering!


  3. K

    29. Aug, 2007

    After trying Swedish bananas last week, I may be willing to give baked bananas a try too. So long as they get all mushy and cooked. very nice presentation!

  4. Anh

    29. Aug, 2007

    YUMMY treat! I surely love this. :)

  5. singleguychef

    29. Aug, 2007

    @ nolan- I’d be willing to trade some desserts with you. ;-)

    @ Paola – thank you!

    @ K- how many pounds of blueberries do you have left?

    @ Anh – let me know if you try it out.

  6. ryan

    31. Aug, 2007

    Holy crap! What have you got for plantains? Preferably something sweet?

  7. Rasa Malaysia

    07. Sep, 2007

    You are a real chef, everything you make is sophisticated, just the name alone is intriguing enough. :)

  8. K

    09. Sep, 2007

    I have at least 6 lbs of gorgeous frozen blueberres!

  9. Rain

    12. Sep, 2007

    That looks so yummy! Oh my..

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