Asparagus with Serrano Ham and Aioli Sauce

Asparagus with Serrano Ham and Aioli Sauce

Posted on 18. Jun, 2007 by in Recipes, Salad, Starters

The menu

1. Roasted Asparagus with Serrano Ham and Aioli Sauce
2. Salmon with Mojo Sauce
3. Spicy Potatoes

Late one night, I was surfing through the channels and ran across a Discovery Channel, wait, maybe it was TLC…hmmm, anyway, they were covering cuisine in Spain. Settling back with a glass of cab, I was slowly starting to drool. It was around 2:30 a.m. or so, I called C up and said, “Did you know that they have these “societies” that all they do is get together, cook, eat and drink?!”
She groggily and casually responded, “Yes. ”
I said, “We need to go!”
Giggles on the other end.

The men took turns in the kitchen creating these incredibly simple and beautiful looking dishes, and the whole event lasted all night long. It’s kind of a joke at my house, that my dinners take 5+ hours long. Hey, I think it should be that way, friends, food, wine and conversation. That’s where it’s at! Oh yeah, back to Spain. So…I’ve been on the look out for Spanish style dishes and I’ve tweaked out some of my own. Well, here are 3 dishes that I recently tried from a Tapas Book I found in the bargain shelving at BN.

Salmon with Mojo SauceSpicy Potatoes

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8 Responses to “Asparagus with Serrano Ham and Aioli Sauce”

  1. Rasa Malaysia

    19. Jun, 2007

    Wow,they look too good…when are you opening your tapa restaurant. The mojo sauce sounds very Austin Power, I am intrigued.

  2. singleguychef

    19. Jun, 2007

    Hey Rasa- Stop spamming me! Just kidding, I got the first comment it didn’t go MIA. I’ll open a Tapa place when you open a dim sum restaurant. ;-)

  3. Kris

    19. Jun, 2007

    I agree, dinners with friends should be long and luxurious. I dream of starting a supper club, but I have to rebuild a group of friends who’d be interested in some higher end dining (there’s nothing wrong with bean dip and coronas per se… :) Perhaps once I get back into employment? :)

  4. singleguychef

    19. Jun, 2007

    Kris- yeah, we used to do a dinner club. It started being conspicuous when they continued to be at my place with me in the kitchen! I am sure you won’t have any problems rebuilding. Cook it, and they will come.

  5. Steamy Kitchen

    20. Jun, 2007

    I vote for you opening a restaurant too!

  6. Rose

    21. Jun, 2007

    I just love tapas. Everytime my hubby and I go to a spanish restaurant, we only order all the tapas that they have. It’s the best way to have a bit of everything and spend an enjoyable 2 hours meal.

  7. singleguychef

    21. Jun, 2007

    Steamy & Rasa – let’s open a place together! It could be a reality show….with a play off of that sitcom, “Three’s Company.”

    We’ll call it, “Three’s Kitchen” =P

    Rose- I agree that’s the best way to go. C tells me how they hit specific tapa bars to get specific items and it’s eating and drinking all night long.

  8. My partner and I are huge tapa lovers and indeed this makes our meal a very good one. In fact tapa was the first dish we ordered on our first date. Unforgettable tapa:)

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