Grilled Asparagus Spears with Egg Sauce and Salmon Roe

Grilled Asparagus Spears with Egg Sauce and Salmon Roe

Posted on 04. May, 2007 by singleguychef in Recipes, Sauces & Marinades, Starters

This original recipe is from Nobu and you can find it in, Nobu, the cookbook.
The recipe below has minor tweaks.


12 green asparagus spears, about 6 inches long
olive oil for grilling
coarse sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
2 TBs of salmon roe


1. Preheat grill to med-high. Brush the asparagus with olive oil and grill til el dente. Cut the spears in half.
2. Arrage the asparagus in 2 or 3 layers. Spoon the egg sauce around the asparagus. Sprinkle with coarse sea salt. Spoon the salmon roe on top


The original recipe called for frying the asparagus. I wanted to try grilling because I thought the contrast in flavors would be interesting. I also used a pink Australian sea salt. The color added to the presentation and the flavor had a great sea/mineral quality to it.

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